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Fear of vomit or vomiting

Vomit Images
Level 0 (graphics or fake) 
Pumpkin ‘throwing up’
Cartoon, throwing up
Cartoon toilet 

Vomit Gifs

Vomit Videos (cartoon only) 
Dora the Explorer
Why we puke

Cartoon Vomit Compilation
Level 1 (animals, image of someone feeling sick) 
Toilet, feeling sick 2 
Bucket, feeling sick
Bucket, feeling sick 2
Level 2 (baby spit-up) 
Baby spit-up
Baby spit-up 2
Level 3 (liquid only vomit) 
Vomiting Runner
Vomiting Tennis Player
Level 4 
Vomiting Man
Vomiting man-toilet 

Vomit Sounds

Vomit Videos
Easy: Cartoon

Easy: Baby spit-up 
Baby spit-up 1
Baby spit-up 2
Baby spit-up 3 
Baby spit-up 4
Baby spit-up harder video 
More difficult videos: 
Slow Mo Guys
Mr. Creosote from Monty Python

Projectile Vomit
Airplane throw up
Rate My Vomit Exposure

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