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I obtained my doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from Brigham Young University (BYU). While there I gained extensive training working with child through adult populations. I knew from the start of graduate school that anxiety concerns were my key area of key interest, and sought supervision by individuals well-versed in CBT, ACT, and ERP.

I spent a considerable amount of time working with young adult population in universities. During my training I worked as a mental health counselor three universities: BYU, Texas A&M, and St. Edward’s University. I led multiple anxiety and OCD groups, supervised graduate students in their clinical work and supervised the employees at a university crisis hotline. My work in the university gave my opportunities to help young adults navigate concerns with anxiety, as well as navigate difficult decisions in their lives.

In order to further solidify my specialization in anxiety disorders and OCD, I completed a secondary post-doc at the Orange County Anxiety Center. I continued working for the practice for five years and maintain a relationship with the center and often refer individuals who are better suited for in-person work. My work focused on all types of anxiety disorders including panic disorder, specific phobias, generalized anxiety disorder, as well as OCD , ARFID and misophonia.



My research throughout school focused on the identification and treatment of mental health concerns in childhood and adolescence. During undergraduate I focused on the impact of parental symptoms, stress, and motivation on treatment outcomes in youth. While in graduate school, I conducted research in middle schools to develop efficient methodologies for identifying at-risk youth with anxiety and depressive disorders.

I prioritize staying up to date on new research in the anxiety and OCD field. I’m an active participant in multiple anxiety and OCD consult groups and regularly speak at conferences and in the community on anxiety topics. I additionally provide individual consultation sessions to clinicians on anxiety related cases.  I obtained certification through the Behavioral Therapy Training Institute, the preeminent OCD training program through the International OCD Foundation. I was also one of the early US subscribers to the I-CBT approach to treating OCD which you can read about here.

Selected Presentations 

  • Family Accommodation in OCD and Anxiety, Emotional Wellness Conference

  • OCD and Pokémon for Kids, International OCD Conference

  • Comorbid OCD, OCD SoCal Speaker Series                        

  • Anxiety: it’s More than Thoughts, Emotional Wellness Conference

  • Creating an OCD Contract, OCD SoCal Conference

  • Beyond Contamination: Other OCD Subtypes, OCD SoCal Conference                        

  • Drugs Alcohol and Anxiety, St. Margaret’s Episcopal School                                            

  • Anxiety Management, Tustin Youth Shelter                  

  • Teacher Nominations and the Identification of Concerns in Early Adolescence, National Association of School Psychologists Conference


About Me

My goal is to provide an empathetic environment where you can feel comfortable sharing all aspects of yourself. I encourage collaboration during the session, but also provide structure so there’s a clear path to meet goals.

I grew up in Orange County and was excited when my Texas-born husband agreed to move to California. We have three kids who keep me busy and outside of work you’ll find me reading, at the park, or playing with a new gadget (currently a toybox printer).

License Number: CA30293

Dr. Davis: About Me
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